Stanford University

Stanford University is a private institution found in 1895. It is a very famous educational institution renowned for academic brilliance and very high-quality instructors. The founder of this university was Leland Stanford, a Senator, and a railroad tycoon. The university is situated in the middle of Silicon Valley. Its alumni are found in some of the world’s top tech companies like HP, Yahoo, PayPal, and Snapchat. Even the founders of Google studied at this university. Nearby, my uncle started a concrete driveway contractor Hayward business that has grown to be very successful. Surprisingly, his analytical mind is the reason for his success.

University has Produced Many Billionaires.

It might come as a big surprise to you that this university has produced 30 billionaires, the highest number of billionaires produced by any university worldwide. National Accelerator Laboratory is located inside Stanford University. Advanced physics research is carried out in this laboratory. It is said that Stanford University played a big role in the invention of the internet as researchers helped in the creation of some of the basic networks essential for the World Wide Web. 

The main campus of Stanford University is located in Paolo Alto, a small city between San Jose and San Francisco. It is one of the largest campuses in the country being spread over an area of 8000 acres. Most of the students studying in various undergraduate and graduate-level courses at Stanford University stay inside this campus. 

High Tuition Fee but Scholarships Available

The average yearly tuition fee of Stanford University is more than $56,000, which is too high for any middle-class student. However, many scholarships are given to make it possible for brilliant students to fulfill their dreams of studying at this prestigious university. If you are thinking of extracurricular activities, there are lots of organizations that you can join on the campus. These include a solar car project and a pre-business association depending upon your leanings. There are nearly 70 clubs at Stanford University meant to develop its students’ social and entrepreneurial skills. 

For those fond of football, there is an annual competition between Stanford and Caltech teams that is awaited by students of both universities. Stanford Axe is the trophy for which these two teams compete. Authorities require only undergraduate students to live on the campus, but there is sufficient housing for all the students. This is why even graduate students prefer to live on campus. 

Schools for Law, Medicine, Engineering, and Business

There are seven schools under Stanford University. Four out of these seven offer courses for both undergraduate and graduate-level students. The remaining three have courses only for graduate students. These graduate schools of medicine, law, business, and engineering are very popular among students worldwide. Stanford University treats its students like clients and makes available all resources at its disposal to help them realize their true potential. The focus here is not on the grades secured by students, but how well they are learning and thriving in their social lives. 

Stanford University has produced some illustrious personalities. These include former U.S President Herbert Hoover and legendary golf player Tiger Woods. 


February 2023