Month: October 2020

San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University is a public university right in the middle of San Francisco in California. It is a very popular and highly respected public educational institution. It means that it is a not-for-profit institution that provides the best value for money to a student who qualifies for high education. There are more than 24000 full-time students in SFSU, while it has an additional 5592 part-time students. 

Massive Campus but Not Enough Space for Students 

Found in 1899, SFSU is an urban university with a huge 142-acre campus right in the heart of San Francisco. However, you must apply early to stand a chance to get a place to live on the campus. This is because there isn’t sufficient space for all the enrolled students in this university. If you are fortunate enough to get housing on the campus, you can consider yourself lucky as the university is a close distance from the ocean. It is nestled next to the world-famous zoo of SF and the wonderful Lake Merced to allow students time in the company of Mother Nature, minus the rats.

Commuter Friendly Stops for All Modes of Public Transportation

If you are a freshman, you can apply for residence in school halls with a building dedicated to science and technology. In apartment complexes of the SFSU, students are grouped according to their age and not the year in which they are studying. However, you need not worry even if you do not get a room to live on the campus.… Read more

California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology, popularly known as Caltech, is one of the most well-known science and engineering institutions worldwide. This is the college for you if you want to make a career in science or engineering. This world-famous institute was founded in Pasadena near Los Angeles way back in 1891. 

Right from its inception, Caltech has focused on science and technology. This institute has given some noted personalities to the world over the years. These include no less than 72 Nobel Prize winners. Some of these laureates are alumni, while others have been faculties. No other college across the world can boast such a huge list of Noble Laureates. California Institute of Technology is also known for its cutting edge research and technology. Large numbers of graduates of Caltech go on to get PhDs. 

A Wonderful Campus Life Loved by Students.

California Institute of Technology has a very stiff selection process with only the best and the most talented students getting a chance to study here. The official mascot of this school is a beaver who can be seen paying tribute to the world’s best engineer, the Almighty God. The campus of this world-famous institute is situated in Pasadena, some 11 km away from downtown LA. There are in all 11 residences and houses for the students’ community on the campus. Caltech chooses to call these 11 buildings as a self-governing living group. There is a unique tradition in the mess of Caltech that food is served only by student waiters.… Read more


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